Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots Live Online on September 10, 2015

Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots: Still Anybody’s Game?

Every fan of football is excited about the Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots game that will be kicking off this year’s NFL season. The game will be at 8:30 PM at the Gillette Stadium on Thursday September 10. The New England Patriots will be hosting the annual Kickoff game at their home stadium and it is sure to be packed with drama.

Although the game originally favored the Patriots, it is evident that there is more to the story. In early May, as you may know, Tom Brady was suspended for four games due to his cooperation in “Deflategate,” a scandal where the patriots purposely deflated footballs to gain a competitive advantage during their game. Now Pittsburgh Steelers is facing Jimmy Garoppolo, the first quarterback that the they will content with in the new year.

Football fans are beginning to think that without Brady, there won’t be as many points scored by a long shot. Although Steelers fans may think they have this game in the bag for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots kickoff, they might want to consider that the Patriots have something to prove.

They lost a lot of credibility with Deflategate, its an embarrassing scandal that they will have to overcome, and scandal or no scandal, the New England Patriots are still the defending champions and they have a lot to play for. Before putting all of your money on the Pittsburgh Steelers, you should consider the fact that Bill Belichick will have more than enough time to draw up a game plan for the Kickoff game in addition to the games where Tom Brady won’t be playing. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots face off still can be anybody’s game.

For one, Belichick has the entire preseason and all of training camp to get Garoppolo ready for the game. Unlike a situation where one of Belichick’s players sustained an injury, Belichick will know exactly when Tom Brady will be back, and has the know how to plan accordingly. Also, you have to be thinking that the Patriots are pissed, so it is not like there will be a risk of “hangover” after the Super Bowl. So you know that Belichick is not going to be dealing with any type of over confidence or complacency. Finally, if Belichick is good at one thing, it’s planning for the future. It would be unwise for the Steelers to assume they’ve got this one.